MSME’S philosophy of integrated solution for Indian industrial growth is based on provision to bridge the gap between industrial needs for trained, skilled & innovative manpower. The training centre of MSME technology centre Greater Noida has one of the most sophisticated setups for imparting training in Embedded Systems and VLSI Training, Industrial Automation and Process Control, IoT, Prototyping, PCB Design and Manufacturing, Mechatronics/Robotics etc. The training is imparted through scientifically developed curriculum with the application of latest audio-visual training equipment. The emphasis is on maintaining scientific blend of theory and practice to equip the trainee for applying acquired knowledge.

Training has

  • Well Structured Modular, Practically Oriented Training Programs.
  • Provision for Trained, Skilled & Innovative Manpower.
  • Tailor-made Courses as Per Specific Needs of The Industry.
  • Specialized Hi – Tech Courses for Engineering Graduates.
  • Skill Up Gradation Courses for Industrial Employees.
  • Customized Training Programs for Foreign Nationals & Industry Professional.

Training Programmes

Long Term Courses Post Graduate Diploma in VLSI & Embedded Systems
Post Graduate Diploma in Mechatronics
PCB Design and Manufacturing
Post Diploma in Industrial Automation and Robotics
Post Graduate Diploma in Electronic System Design and Manufacturing
Diploma in Automation & Control
Certificate course in Electrical Equipment Repair & Maintenance
Certificate Course in EMI & EMC for Electronics Product Design
Medium Term Courses FPGA Design Engineer
IPC Standards and BBT & FSP Testing of PCB
Quality and Reliability test for Electrical & Electronic components
Short Term Courses ARM(LPC2148),
Python Programming on Raspberry Pi
VLSI Design with FPGA/CPLD
PCB Designing
Workshops on Data Science
PLC, DCS, SCADA and automation related courses

Training Labs

Sr.No. Training Labs Sub-Sections of Labs
1 Electronics Design, Assembly, Testing & Repair General Electronics Assembly (ESD & NON-ESD complaint)
Digital Electronics Assembly- (ESD complaint)
High Frequency Electronics Assembly - (ESD complaint)
Electronics Circuit Assembly – RoHS complaint
SCADA Terminals
Application Interfaces
Robotic Arm
3 Embedded Systems Laboratory Microprocessors
Application Kits& IOT Kits
4 PCB Design and Manufacturing Lab SMD Laboratory
Wave Soldering Laboratory
PCB Inspection & Rework Laboratory
PCB Design Lab
5 Hydraulics and Pneumatics Laboratory Hydraulics
Pneumatics and Electro Pneumatics
6 Electrical Laboratory Motor and Motor Maintenance
Motor Coil and Transformer Winding